Intranet at its Finest

We have various types of Intranet Solutions
We can create an Intranet to suit your companies needs and requirements.
Please contact us for more information.

need a company intranet


  • Document Management
  •  Ease of use – access and upload important documents for at-a-glance access and sharing.
  • Organization – complete hierarchical control of main and sub-folder creation for total control and management of your company’s documents.
  • Sharing – easily share documents with team and staff members.
  • Discussion ForumsLine
  • Engage – foster engagement company-wide through our state of the art forum application that will manage all of your ongoing threaded discussions.
  • Threaded communication – you can create new boards, sub boards and display recent discussions through our time-line features.
  • Events Management
  •  Manage – keep everyone up to date with what’s happening within your company and create new events and view events by official, personal and locations.
  • Calendar – allows employees to check out, at a glance, all the upcoming events and confirm attendance and add comments to the actual events themselves.
  • Content Management
  •  News and announcements – keep employees up to date with all the latest happenings from the company and across the industry with easy blog styled announcements section.
  • Publish Internal Articles – it’s your own internal system for publishing articles on a variety of mission critical or even educational elements.
  • Team Management
  •  Team Rooms – create specific team areas to manage groups, teams or departments privately.
  • Company Collaboration
  •  Staff Directory – Access all the company staff members via an easy to navigate directory.
  • Department Viewer – List all of your company’s internal departments for access at a glance.
  • Instant Messaging – Our built in chat application makes instant communication and collaboration a breeze.
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